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As we change ourselves, we change the world. The 200 Project is an enterprise with the purpose of helping you bring about your reintegration with your life. We compose, curate and present resources here to help you live healthfully, mindfully and joyfully in the present – where the action is!


Here's a quick, weekly tune-up for you to check in on today’s most useful lifestyle resources for your healthful living. Check here to be more in touch with the latest in the field of fuller integration with your preferred healthy lifestyle. We’ll help you keep your feet on the ground and moving in the right direction for your happier, longer and more fulfilling life.

The Daily Minute v.XIII

A new week, with seven brand-new days, still in the packaging. From the mile-high broadcast tower and media center, you’re listening to The 200 Project, and this is The Daily Minute. Monday: Fast Expectations, Slow Delivery Isn’t it hard for us to maintain healthy eating habits since we’re so addicted to immediate gratification. Read the account of her own experience with that by Jane Brody, longtime health and nutrition writer for the New York Times:

The Daily Minute v.XII

From the mile-high broadcast tower and media center, you’re listening to The 200 Project, and this is The Daily Minute. We’ve got a feeling: This will be a power week for you. Monday: D is for Dimension In our push to do more work or to spend more time online, have we closed ourselves off from the sun? Well, there’s an ongoing shower of Vitamin D happening outdoors, and we all need some of it for

The Daily Minute v.XI

This week we’re rolling up our sleeves. From the Mile-High Broadcast Tower and Media Center, you’re listening to The 200 Project, and this is The Daily Minute. Monday: The Buddy System Everyone knows that nauseating empty feeling we call loneliness, and as time goes forward we can experience it more often. The 200 Project is diving into this vast and growing social problem, looking to pry it open and expose some practical solutions. The Daily

The Daily Minute v.X

Another week toward your happiest life. From the mile-high broadcast tower and media center, this is The Daily Minute. Monday: Happiness Is … Which country has the happiest people? Finland! A lot of good seems to be happening in those Nordic countries. It makes me happy just reading that people are so happy. Read more here. Tuesday: Boundless Energy Looking for the quick path to more energy in your workday? Take your minute to discover

The Daily Minute v.IX

The week goes on, and you’re in the driver’s seat. From the mile-high broadcast tower and media center, you’re tracking the orbit of The 200 Project, and this is The Daily Minute. Monday: The Amazing Shrinking Hospitals Here’s a quote to start your week: “At $1.1 trillion, hospitals account for about a third of all medical spending.” It hardly seems reasonable to ask, but are hospitals becoming obsolete? It turns out that hospitalizations are down – way


This informative blog and encouraging podcasts present fascinating views into leading thought in the field of good living, positive podcasts that will help you put more life into your life. We bring you this life improvement blog from numerous vantages and voices. Read and listen to this inspirational blog and these positive podcasts from host and guest contributors.


No one is born 80 years old. No, we all come into the world with zero miles and zero hours of experience, with the entire world to explore and seemingly nothing but time to get that exploring done. Rich and poor alike, we enter as masters of our universe. We live for quite some time in the full and reassuring knowledge that the sky’s the limit. Then one morning we see the sun come up.

Reclaiming a Third for a Fifty-percent Improvement

What if you were offered a way to improve your nutrition by fifty percent. Would you take it? You probably would, so get ready: That offer is coming your way right now. Let’s factor out all the “between” eating we do in a day and focus on the old model of three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (or breakfast, lunch, and supper, depending on where you’re from) – one third, one third, and

The World Heard ’Round the World

Imagine, said the sage. We stand on a vast plain covered in feathery grass, and as we look to the west, the Earth continues its relentless rotation toward us; so our star there in space appears to draw closer to the western horizon. Its light filters through the atmospheric dust; there, refracted and reflected, it turns red, orange, pink. It is beautiful; we walk toward the light, the sun, to catch up with it, feeling

The Knife Edge of Now

Sitting in front of the keyboard, watching fingers fly, perhaps something worthwhile will emerge and perhaps it will not. Writing is almost always a roll of the dice. How will the dice land this time? How was the writing last time? People talk about bearing down on their work or on a task. Perhaps it’s true that we do bear down, lean forward onto the balls of our feet, sit on the edge of the

The Edge

A thing called “the edge” entered our lexicon long ago. “Living on the edge,” we might hear someone say, or perhaps a thing described as “edgy” or “over the edge.” We sense that the edge describes a sort of desperate frontier between something and something else, but our curiosity about this thing, this edge, curiously stops there. It is because there is something powerful and unspeakable about the edge, something our minds reflexively protect us


Through the clear-eyed lens of curiosity and exploration, we bring you relevant information, vibrant images and an expanding sphere of motivation that can open new doors of possibility for your long and happy life. Enjoy the rich colors and textures, and let these dynamic and inspiring self help videos bring vigor and vitality to your reintegrated self.

What is The 200 Project