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As we change ourselves, we change the world. The 200 Project is an enterprise with the purpose of helping you to bring about your reintegration with your life. We curate and present resources here to help you live healthfully, mindfully and joyfully in the present – where the action is!


A wide-ranging and dynamic forum for ideas, news and expert viewpoints in the areas of health, fuller integration with our lives, and joyful living – our podcast presents fascinating views into who is
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The Mindfulness Files, The Integration Papers, Train on the Tracks – We bring you our blog from numerous vantages and voices. Here you can read and listen to posts from guest bloggers, as well as a full archive from your host. Come with us and be healthy, integrate more fully with your life, and make happiness a habit for yourself.

July 25, 2017
the 200 project truth


The sage was never at a loss for favorite sayings. One of them during those years was the truth is like a lion; set it free and it can defend itself. It is quite true that there is something primal about truth that makes it fearsome. There really is no other explanation for the many guises we can often place it in, or the endless ways we seek to frame it and spin it and coerce it into implications and innuendo. It might also be said that the truth is like a hammer; it is impactful, has no moving parts, makes no apologies, and is utterly reliable. But there is one other thing about truth that stirs fear back to the Dawn of Humankind reaches […]
July 25, 2017
life is now

Life is Now

Look out the window of any building at the jungle below, and wonder at our enormous complexity and speed, noise and chaotic imposition of order. Marvel at the evidence of productivity, the direct result of our own activity, the scion of a stampeding herd of racing minds. And high up in that aerie, we speed through our own life, don’t we – in our thoughts and actions, in our food, friendships and family – making noise and with a showy waving of arms meant as display, a bird on a branch. Look at me, we say. What a bird I am! And as we strut and flash the plumage that proclaims our existence, we may not yet grasp that the world we have created is […]
July 11, 2017
The Joy of Joy

The Joy of Joy

Life can bring great joy. Indeed it does so in every moment, regardless of whether we look up from our daily rush and see it. The Earth rotates and the sun slowly appears over the eastern edge of our sphere and we call it sunrise; and it’s beautiful. Perhaps the smell of coffee. Opening the windows to let a breeze enter magically into your home. The sound of birds, or frogs, or traffic or trains. It is all truly magical and wonderful. But we – the species for which a renaming was recently suggested to Homo prospectus for our ability to project our minds into possible futures – are running out ahead of ourselves and do not hear the moment’s music. This not hearing constitutes […]


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