What is The 200 Project?

The 200 Project is a mixed-media network. We create and curate inspiring content, and provide community support and resources in the area of life fulfillment for the benefit of our world.


Why join The 200 Project?

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The 200 Project Mission

To inspire people to live fuller lives, connecting them with the whys and the how-tos.

To help them make sense of the flood of quality-of-life information that surrounds them.

To conceive a better future from what we learn along the way about the human condition.

To turn our new understanding back on our present day, putting more life into our life now.

To begin to ideate a map for a human life’s second century.


The 200 Project Message

We have much more control than we typically exert over our health and happiness; we must learn tactics for exerting that control.

We have much more actual living of our lives available to us because we so often abandon the present moment, where all life happens; we must reintegrate with the present moment to re-inhabit our lives.

We have placed mediators in the areas of food, physical activity, and social connectedness, dis-integrating us from actively living our lives; we must reintegrate with these vital areas in order to fully live.

Our life belongs to us. It is our privilege and our responsibility. We are its caretakers. The better we do this, the more we strengthen our ability to perform our functions in society.

It is through this lens that we pose this challenge and promise: As we change ourselves, we change the world.