The Daily Minute v.II


Good morning, all ships at sea, and you know who you are. It’s another great day here at the mile-high broadcast tower and media complex of The 200 Project, and this is Take 5 Daily Alignment.

Today’s five is designed to tighten things up where they need tightening, and to loosen things up where they need loosening. Here we go:

1. Starting off today’s list with the ever-entertaining Coffee Question. Is it good for us? Bad for us? How much of it can we drink before we need glasses? Britain’s Professor Paul Roderick, who co-authored a meta-study of over 200 studies on coffee drinking and coffee drinkers, hedges his bets. He says, “There is a balance of risks in life, and the benefits of moderate consumption of coffee seem to outweigh the risks.” But the rest of us, looking to confirm what we already believe (isn’t that just the most fun?), well, we see this: Coffee is good for you (again)! Like we said: ever-entertaining. Take your first sip of the morning right here.

2. What would you say if someone told you that you never have to count calories or grams of fat or points, debits, credits or veggie vouchers or whatever – ever again? Of course! You’d say “sign me up!” Can you believe that it’s the truth? A plan not without its own amount of getting used to (particularly, retraining the taste buds and enduring expectations early), a whole-foods plant-based diet is a wildly diverse world of delicious foods that provide you vigorous health in every bite and that it’s just darn near impossible to overdo. See what our friends at Cornell have to say about this food path. Take control. Green is your color, turns out.

3. Volunteering AND getting the emotional rewards of helping animals AND getting the companionship of dogs that are grateful (in their dog way)? What more direct road to joy could we possibly ask for? The kind folk at Scout’s Honor Rescue understand this real need, and they go the extra mile to help dogs, some of who’ve been down the hard road. Check out their site, get involved, or maybe make a donation if you want to. The dogs will thank you, and your joy-meter will jump up and down like a toy poodle. The best of all possible worlds!

4. Sometimes we’re just the worst narrators and the most gullible listeners. Like when we get caught up in some story we’re telling ourself about some person, place or thing – and we take an arbitrary stance against it. Maybe we all do this, but I know I do. But there is really good news, and it’s right here: A meditation on compassion that will help us reorient to the real, to put our mindful compassion back in play in our life, and help us understand how we’re all in this together. Mindfully click on this link for a look into your own loving kindness.

5. Anybody remember isometrics? Think planking, but a whole lot more. Isometrics is a term that’s been around since before Charles Atlas was a pup. That source of sources Wikipedia defines isometrics as “a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint.” Talk about low impact! Since we’re often captives at work, what if we use some of that office time to actually – build muscle? Sure, when you can, get up and get going. But why not mix in a little isometrics to boot? Careful not to rip your shirt, there, Mr. Bannon. Check out this list of exercises.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more curated guides to enhance your life.

Until then, be you, because we’ve never met anyone like you. Ever.

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