The Daily Minute v.XII


From the mile-high broadcast tower and media center, you’re listening to The 200 Project, and this is The Daily Minute.

We’ve got a feeling: This will be a power week for you.

Monday: D is for Dimension

In our push to do more work or to spend more time online, have we closed ourselves off from the sun? Well, there’s an ongoing shower of Vitamin D happening outdoors, and we all need some of it for our bone health, among other important healthy stuff. Check out this useful guide from our friends at the Cleveland Clinic, and then let the sunshine in.

And to get you headed in that direction, here’s a bonus track for happy living that will help you really let the sunshine in. Turn it up at 2:18.i

Tuesday: It’s Not Just For Tennesseeans

Want to help yourself, your community, and make the world at large a better place? Giving of yourself seems to be the answer. Besides that, volunteering is one of the few jobs that pay you every day! Check out this practical guide from the Corporation for National and Community Service on how to land a rewarding volunteer gig.

Wednesday: Your Vision Checkup

It seems basic, but the importance of vision never goes out of style. We’re not talking about whether you have 20-20, but whether you have a mental picture of the future for yourself, your family, and your organization. Many of us don’t spend much time strategizing, but the future is coming whether we have a vision for it or not. Here’s some motivation for your inner creative. We see you, future!

Thursday: Get Your Love On

Today we peek under a rock or two with this article from The Huffington Post that offers us a glimpse into an age-old question: Why do we seem to make the same mistakes time after time in successfully navigating our relationships? And, yeah: It all starts in the Head Office (our own head, that is). Check it out and lose those butterflies!

Friday: Bring It On In Here

Hugging! I’ll admit it: I love it. In fact, if you’re close enough to shake my hand, I got ya. Here’s a short list of good reasons to get your daily dose of hugs, from nurturing trust to raising oxytocin levels. And how about that! Here we are again on Friday, letting the sunshine in.

Remember that the seeds of the future are found in every moment.

You’re listening to The 200 Project, and this has been The Daily Minute.