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This week we’re rolling up our sleeves.

From the Mile-High Broadcast Tower and Media Center, you’re listening to The 200 Project, and this is The Daily Minute.

Monday: The Buddy System

Everyone knows that nauseating empty feeling we call loneliness, and as time goes forward we can experience it more often. The 200 Project is diving into this vast and growing social problem, looking to pry it open and expose some practical solutions. The Daily Minute offers you this primer from Forbes magazine. Read more here.

Tuesday: A Companion to The Buddy System

And again, this one from a recent New York Times article, reproduced here in chapter and verse: Social isolation is as bad for your health as obesity or smoking. Get a group together and read this.

Wednesday: I know what you’re thinking!

Insight comes from listening better. What an out-there idea! This study of couples’ ability to predict what the other was thinking shows us that we’re pretty bad at both. Check out this article from NPR and try to guess what was on their minds.

Thursday: Get the number. Make the call.

Let’s get real for a quick second: It’s true that sometimes life throws a lot at us at once. If you or someone you know need help with the difficulties of substance abuse or mental health questions, the good people at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will steer you toward powerful resources that are a fit for your needs, and this service is absolutely free to the public. So make the call. It’s your life: Go ahead and claim your right to better health right now.

Friday: Ending the Week on a High Note

And finally some really great news about the growing mountain of plastic that we know is polluting the world’s oceans. Take a moment and orient yourself to the The Ocean Cleanup. It may be the engineering project of any lifetime, and it’s going on right now. They get high marks from The 200 Project! (And a quick plug for them: Are you an engineer? The Ocean Cleanup just may need you!)

Make this week foundational for your future self.

You’ve been listening to The 200 Project, and this has been The Daily Minute.