The Daily Minute v.III


Good morning, one-world-is-enough-for-all-of-us, and you know who you are. It’s another great day here at the mile-high broadcast tower and media complex of The 200 Project, and this is your Take 5 Daily Alignment.

Limitless information, boiled down to five that will get you going. Here we go:

1. Social engagement! Personal interaction! These might be calls to arms for a much-needed grassroots movement to ward off loneliness and isolation – no laughing matter, as it turns out. “Americans are becoming less socially connected and experiencing more loneliness,” according to a recent study published by the American Psychological Association; the article goes on to say that “social isolation [and] loneliness could be a greater threat to public health than obesity.” So, find your social self, and step off the lonely path.

2. And speaking of paths: Here’s a twist on the old axiom of “getting a little fresh air.” A growing trend among treating physicians and psychologists is to prescribe spending time in the great outdoors to treat things like anxiety and depression. “We’re starting to see nature and parks, not just as a place to recreate, but literally as a place to heal yourself.” Talk about a green pill! This therapy is easy to like: It’s 1) cheap, 2) easy, and 3) no prescription required! Sometimes common sense measures like this are just what the doctor ordered. Get outdoors and let your mindfulness find you. Read more here.

3. And even more magical therapy! This helps you live longer, look and feel younger, have more energy, lose weight, lower your blood cholesterol, vastly decrease the need for pharmaceutical drugs, keep your bones strong, avoid impotence, avoid stroke, and it prevents kidney stones. What do you suppose it is? By now your intuition should be fine-tuned: This magical regimen is a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Maybe we’re so used to seeing such a food path as being the realm of granola and Earth-first people. But the health benefits of WFPB are available to us all. Here are eight fundamental truths about how our nutrition manifests in our body.

4. We’ve mentioned them before, but this just in: Houston’s Mindful Living, featuring mindfulness instructor and all-around kindness example Micki Fine, has published the 2018 schedule for their mindfulness training series of classes’ Orientation Sessions. These orientation sessions are offered free of charge and no RSVP required, right in Houston’s Upper Kirby District. The 200 Project will be there January 9, so come join us. But first, return to the breath (of course!).

5. And now from the Big Blue Ball files: a word on the science and reality of the world’s changing climate. Forget blame. Forget politics. Here is a synopsis of where we are and where we’re going. What can reasonable folk like us do? The truth is that we can’t know what we should do until we know the facts. And here they are, in an easy-to-digest form. Green is our friend.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more curated guides to enhance your life.

Until then, get by with a little help from your friends.

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