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With the foundational idea that each of us is the author of our own story, The 200 Project dives deep into bone-and-flesh topics that can help you intensify the color, flavor and texture of that story, as you write it with more joy, happy living, and fulfillment in life. Put your foot firmly on a path of your design; turn up the volume of your experience of life’s fantastic panorama with a life improvement blog that amplifies and magnifies that experience, an inspirational blog that does truly inspire.

Let this informational blog and encouraging podcast help you write your story large. Come on. Reconnect with life.

Love is West

The bonds of love belong to the earth, said the sage. Where were you when …? We remember those exact moments when love takes hold of us. And how wondrous

Fear and its Servant

The thing lives inside us all and is waiting, always ready. And often it doesn’t have to wait long; at those times we give it all the food it needs

World of Words

Be careful what you say, said the sage. Your ears can hear you. Some days seem like they’re full of nothing but nouns, don’t they, standing mute like trees. Those

Crossroads and Choices

There are no crossroads, said the sage. Every moment is an infinity of endless possibility. Our minds beg for simplification and insist on labels and assigned meaning. We see the

A Moment, Please

The sage said, In every moment is an eternity. Life exists only in the present. Imagine two men, one younger, one older, walking along different parts of the same street

V for Varoom

Let’s not use the V-words, because they’re tyrants, those words. We all know them, those V-words, skinny and self-righteous. No meat – sniff! – thank you. And no, not fish

Focus and Do

If we stood in front of a mirror and took off the blinders of habit, we might say something like this to ourselves: What am I waiting for? There are

The Joy of Joy

Life can bring great joy. Indeed it does so in every moment, regardless of whether we look up from our daily rush and see it. The Earth rotates and the


The sage was never at a loss for favorite sayings. One of them during those years was the truth is like a lion; set it free and it can defend

Life is Now

Look out the window of any building at the jungle below, and wonder at our enormous complexity and speed, noise and chaotic imposition of order. Marvel at the evidence of

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